Required Equipment List


The following is a list of equipment required for the Commercial Diver/Tender Course.  Not only is it important for the students to have this equipment for the class, many employers expect divers to have this equipment and do not supply it.  The following prices are as of May 2017, and are subject to change. 



 1.  Diver Stainless Steel Folding Knife ($18.95 - $29.95)

 2.  Stainless Steel Snapshackle ($48.95)

 3.  Stainless Steel Shackle ($7.95)

 4.  Exposure Suit

        a. Wet Suit 3mm (for training tank dives) ($149.95)

        b.  Wet Suit Two Piece 6.5mm ($278.00)

        c.  Wet Suit One Piece 7mm ($279.00 - $430.00)

        d.  Dry Suit ($1395.00-$3000.00)

 5.  Wet Suit Gloves with Kevlar Fingers ($58.00)

 6.  Hard Soled Wet Boots ($70.00)

 7.  Diver's Heavy Duty Harness With a Back Plate and Double Crotch Straps ($395.00)

 8.  Commercial Diver Text Book (included in price of tuition) ($65.00)

 9.  Steel Toed Work Boot (not sold here)

10.  Crescent Wrenches-Adjustable 10" and 12" (not sold here)

11.  Calculator and Notebook for Class (not sold here)


Additional Equipment Recommended But Not Required For Class

 1.  50 cu/ft "Bail-Out" Bottle ($189.95)

 2.  Kirby Morgan Dive Helmet With Comms.  (Helmets are provided by the school for

      class - but may be required by employer.  It is a good idea to have your own

      helmet for fit and sanitation.  Price varies depending on the helmet chosen) ($6500-$9400) 


**Total Varies Depending on Choices


All items purchased for the course at the school will be discounted 10% to our students including Kirby Morgan Dive Helmets. Please note that these items are purchased through the onsite location of our sister company Minnesota School of Diving please don't write a check out to MNCDTC.