So you’re thinking of starting a career as a Commercial Diver?
Well you’ve started your search for training in the right place.

The Minnesota Commercial Diver Training Center, Inc. (MCDTC) is a well-established and respected facility in Brainerd, that has trained some of the best divers in the country. We pride ourselves on being able to move our students through training in the shortest allowed amount of time possible, so that our graduates can enter the working world of commercial diving quickly.

Due to MCDTC location in the heart of Minnesota, courses are only offered three times a year; spanning the months of March through November. Each course is eleven weeks long, six days a day, and ten hours a day. Please note that the start dates of each course change from year to year. The 2016 schedule is as follows:

MCDTC 2016 Course Schedule

First Class: March 14th - May 28th

Second Class: May 30th - August 13th

Third Class: August 15th - October 29th

To apply to the MCDTC please see the Application and Forms link on this website, or you may contact us directly for a 'potential student’s information packet'.

The max class size is twelve students per course; thus classes fill up quickly. In order to secure a spot in one of the above scheduled courses you’ll need to complete the Application, Waiver, and Medical forms, and send them along with a deposit of $1000.00 to:

Minnesota Commercial Diver Training Center, Inc.

712 Washington Street

Brainerd, MN 56401


You may also e-mail the completed forms to bill@mndiving.com, but please place your name and date of course you’d like to attend in the ‘subject’ box.

For further information into our training facility please review the links on this website, and/or contact us at info@mndiving.com, 1-800-216-5521, or 218-829-1191.

Attention Engineers:

The MCDTC has been approved to run an accelerated diver training course for certified engineers. However, the applying process (applications, forms, etc.) is much different than the process of applying for the regular course (above). To recieve more information or to sign up you must contact Mark Owens (not MCDTC!) for more information. 

Mark may be reached at:




Class is broken up into two sessions: 

Session One: February 15th - March 12th 

Session Two: April 18th - May 17th